Direct Retail Scheme

Direct Retail Scheme is a unique and well coordinated programme for individuals and corporate to meet up with their regular needs in the most convenient and cost effective way possible. It also provide a system were sales, deals and trade policies are properly coordinated and implemented while affording consumers the privilege to always access products/services directly from the market through a special retail management support that take the burden of budgeting, sourcing, negotiations, quality assurance, communication and delivery away from our subscribers.

Diipsolution also offer a Customized Retail Order (CRO) to our esteem customers, a special service under our Direct Retail Scheme which allows you to buy your own brand from the market at a competitive price possible. This order is suitable for promo/gift items and corporate bulk purchase.

Our Q-plus policy ensure all products and services meet up with the required quality and standard with high emphases on consumer satisfaction through our  well trained and dedicated team in collaboration with relevant agencies

The scheme is targeted largely at working class, cooperative groups, public and private organizations for more efficient and sustainable scheme anchored around;

  1. Easy and transparent account system
  2. Supper sales and promotional deals
  3. Flexible and personalized services
  4. Smart and easy payment method
  5. Quality products and services assurance
  6. Quick and easy accessibility
  7. Safe, credible and reliable service delivery

This is a special retail service for individuals and organization to make their custom order and enjoy any of our personalized retail management services. Here, all orders are placed based on customers’ specification and needs. Customer may also enjoy certain promo packages based on bulk and regular purchase. Register now and start placing your orders to enjoy all our special service packages

Product and Service Categories

  1. Foods (including beverages, oil & additives),
  2. Households (including appliance, cosmetics & toiletries),
  3. Automobile and
  4. Housing


  1. Account activation
  2. Quote creation 
  3. Order request
  4. Payment 
  5. Delivery
Our Retail Management Services Includes;

      Cost and budget management
      Products/service sourcing & evaluation
      Logistic and supply chain management
      Relationship management
      Data and communication management
      Consumer Advisory Service

Link consumers directly to the market in exchange of values and facilitate hustle free transactions from the point of purchase to delivery

Promote unique deals and competitive prices that will inspire our consumer base and encourage repeat patronage

Partner with highly reliable logistic companies to offer customized and cost effective services to our customers under the scheme

Facilitate events and promotional activities that will enhance reward consumer loyalty.

Enhance flexible payment plan and financial solutions in collaboration with our financial partners.

Deliver credible and reliable services at all time through our highly skilled retail managers and relevant professional partners

 Step 1

Contact your retail manager or any of our affiliates for assistant on how to use our services and participate in our promotional deals 

Step 2

Complete our registration form to get started  or contact us to get an hard copy

Step 3

Send us your retail budget details and or quotation and start placing your order based on your quotation