Become Our Retail Consultant

Diipsolution is offering you a business contract to become one of our professional partners and provide certain services for our customers on behalf of the company. This is a great opportunity to start up your own business and become financially independent while you acquire more skills and experience on the job.

As Diipsolution retail consultant, you will build and manage your own customer base on our platform by;

Promoting your own generated content to our customers on your network

Train our customers under your network on how to use our services

Assist users to maximize our promotional deals and offers

Help users resolve any issue encountered during their cause of transaction with us

Your source of income is very straight forward and transparent.You will always earn commission on every purchase made by customers on your network. so the more you grow your network, the higher your income. Sign up today and start earning at the comfort of your bed


Click on the button bellow and enter your detail then wait for our induction invitation if qualified.


Start promoting your content for customer to join your network and buy from us.


Start receiving credit alert every end of the month. Your commission is calculated on the total sales made through your network.