RMA Terms & Conditions

I/we hereby request and authorized you;

  1. To open my/our retail management account as specified overleaf and such other service(s) as I/we may further direct
  2. To honour all service requests that may be made with the said account provided such request is within my/our service specification (s)
  3. To accord me/us all privileges and opportunities that may come with opening such account(s) and so indicated by me/us
  4. I/we irrevocably accept responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever that may arise as a result of wrong input of information/instruction or figures while using Diipsolution service(s). I agree that any such information/instruction or figures given remains biding on me/us.
  5. I/we agree that were I/we desire to effect any changes in any of my/our initial request made by me/us and or services available to me/us viz, GSM number, account details or customer details, such request can be made via phone, email, website or through any of our branch office. Request via phone call and or email must be initiated from the phone number and or email address indicated in this application form. It is an express term of this agreement that any request received after 5:00pm shall be dealt with on the next working day. I/we undertake to comply with any applicable laws, rules and regulation that bind the use of our service with Diipsolution
  6. I/we irrevocably agree that the service can be unsubscribed to at any of our branch as the company reserve the right to communicate with the customer using any electronic means
  7. I/we agree that subject to any statutory limitations, no claims against a third party shall constitute a right of action or claim against the company. The company reserve the right to change or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the service at any time without notice. The customer agrees that the company will not be liable to customer or any third party for any modification to order or discontinuance of the service(s). This agreement cannot be change by the customer nor any of the company’s right waived, unless the company agrees in writing or the customer discontinues using the service following the receipt of notice of any changes proposed by the company. The company shall reserve the right to discontinue the service(s) were same remain dormant for some period of time as a result of none usage of same by the customer
  8. I/we consent to transmission of information through the mobile phone/internet and acknowledge that the service is not necessarily a secure communications and delivery system and understand the confidentiality and risk associated with same. In furtherance to this, I/we hereby indemnify and hold the company harmless from liability for any loss or damage that may be incurred arising from my/our use of the service.
  9. I/we hereby grant consent to Diipsolution to share my/our account/credit related information with relevant agencies if need arises. I/we hereby understand that the company will ensure the privacy and security of any information so provided and shall not be held liable for misrepresentation of such information arising from any misinformation from my/our part.
  10. I/we agree that the company reserve the right to, at any time, amends its prices/rates/fees and shall not hold them liable for same were such amendment is communicated to me within 15 days from date of amendment.
  11. Diipsolution reserve the right to terminate and or amend this agreement and shall duly notify the customer of its intension to do so. The agreement may also be terminated if either party gives a written notice to the other to that effect and you have return all company’s properties and have made all outstanding payment due under this account.
  12. Consequently, I/We agree:
  13. To assume full responsibility for the genuiness or correctness and validity of all information/instruction appearing on all invoice, order, bill notes, negotiable products/services, receipt and/or other documents issue through my/our account
  14. To be bound by any notification of change in condition governing the account and order sent to my last billing address and any notice or letter sent to my last known address and shall be considered as duly delivered and received by me/us at the time it will be delivered in the ordinary course of post.
  15. That where a service(s) is credited to my/our account and is/are rejected by me/us due to error or misconception of certain information by the company on my/our order or bill. The company shall refund or reappraise the order/service(s) within seven (7) working days to correct such error or misconception and shall not hold the customer liable for any damage or loss.
  16. That the company bear no liability whatsoever for products/services properly or correctly delivered to the customer.
  17. That the company bear no liability whatsoever for fund handed to staff outside working hours or unauthorized staff or error made during transfer of fund.
  18. That any notice of disagreement with entries on my/our account statement will be made by me/us within 7 working days of the dispatch of the statement. Failure to give such notice within 7 working days from the date of dispatch of my/our account statement shall be deemed as my/our irrevocable acceptance of the statement and the entries there in.
  19. The company is authorized to add service charge, commission and other fees to all the order made through your account from time to time
  20. To indemnify the company against any loss whatsoever that may arise from transaction carried out on my/our account through electronic channel
  21. That the company may at its discretion close my/our account(s) in the event that it is dissatisfied in any way with the operation thereof.
  22. I/we agree that the company shall only be oblique to send my/our account statement to me electronically.

Service Conditions

  1. To be entitled to any prescribe promo deals and offers for operating this account, customer will be expected to meet certain conditions that will be given at any point in time with respect to such offer
  2. Customers shall forfeit such offer if the prescribe condition for the offer was not met within the stipulated time.
  3. Cash transaction is not allowed for orders above (15,000.00) fifteen thousand naira on this account.
  4. You may wish to switch from one plan or package to another at any point in time with due notification and subject to confirmation and approval by the company.
  5. Fully paid services/items in any customer account is not transferrable or credited to another customer’s account
  6. Service order/request may be suspended or cancelled on this account with due notification within the sales period.
  7. Sales shall only be open for ten to twelve (10 – 12) days during our magic week for customers to make their orders. No order will be administered after our sales week.
  8. Only products/services of all companies under our RMO will be available for our customers and will be updated from time to time.
  9. All our products/services offer are direct prices from the supplier and may be subject to change from time to time
  10. Customers on post-payment plan are not entitle to any of our service commission.

I/we have read and understand the Diipsolution retail management account opening terms and conditions stated above. I/we accept and agree to be bound by the said terms and conditions including those excluding/limiting the company’s liability. I/we agree that the company may add service charge as applicable to my/our orders from time to time.