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Frequently Asked Questions

Identify your product category and click on the category to find the vendor that supply the services. Click on the vendor’s logo to find your products

You can also click on the category button on the menu to find your product category then you proceed to find your preferred products or simply enter your product in the search button on the menu bar to find your products from our vendors list.

 If you want to return any product, simply call our customer care line or order line to lay your complain, once it is acknowledged, repack and wait for us to come and pick it up from you and return it back to the vendor who sold it to you. You will be informed when you will get replacement if that is what you chose.

We will always send you our rating and review link whenever you complete any service with us to have your feedback on the just concluded transaction. You can also rate the vendor that provides you a particular service through the review button available to you in their respective product store.

Consumers can conveniently make payment for their required product and service through the available payment options;

  • Pay on Delivery (limited to certain products and services)
  • Credit/Debit Cards (Via our payment gateway)
  • Diipsolution IPS (Diipsolution custom payment method)

Vouchers are sales coupons use to offer our customers discount on certain products, orders and or cost items at any given point in time.