Diipsolution is a retail management organization providing direct retail and e-market solutions for our client base through our unique programmes, platforms and strategic alliance with key stakeholders to build a well coordinated and formal market hub were consumer can always access products/services directly from their producers.

Diipsolution is the first direct retail promoter and integrated market hub in Nigeria, aim at providing a one-stop-shop for consumers, producers, professional service providers and regulatory agencies across the country. Recognizing that, a vital aspect of retail business is to provide compelling content and reliable service delivery to inspire sales. The company will provide unique content and customized services for our partners/sponsors to enhance their competitiveness among others.

We will create an internet and local based brand (Internet and Physical Network) that our sponsors/partners will recognize as a leader in promoting, marketing and sales of their products/services in the offline and online marketplace.

To become a reputable global leader in the retail sector and link one billion consumers directly with their various producers

Providing unique and credible direct retail management and e-market solutions for our customer base


  • Direct and competitive prices
  • Supper sales and promotional deals
  • Custom and personalized services
  • Smart and easy payment method
  • 24/7 un-interrupted customer service
  • Quality products and services assurance
  • Quick and easy accessibility
  • Safe, credible and reliable service delivery